The Center of Excellence for Regenerative Health Biotechnology (CERHB) was established in 2003. Our mission is to stimulate promising research and facilitate commercialization of technologies that will provide treatments and cures for human diseases, as well as create new companies and high wage jobs for Florida. Our activities encompass education, translational research, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Located in Alachua's Progress Corporate Park, our Research and Education Center promotes and conducts training programs and fosters regenerative health research.

I believe that universities have got to find a better way to be more responsive to the needs of the biotech industry and so help take nascent ideas another step or two before they get commercialized. It may involve a different kind of research than we would ordinarily do, because it would be more focused and we may have to develop structures that are different - there are some universities doing that to help this along. I think that the biological research community needs to professionalize itself, even within universities, and not be dependent solely on trainees for experimentation.
— From a 2005 interview with David Baltimore, the 1999 national Medal of Science winner and Nobel Prize winner for discovery of reverse transcriptase and the mechanisms that retroviruses use to infect cells, in Gene Therapy.